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2:24pm 18th
i have msgs unread from years ago frm people i actually miss but im too scared to go back,,, i somehow get back to u.. im sorry for all the things i said abt myself im sorry if i overwhelemd u n made u uncomfy,, reading ur "ily" feels good thank u sorry for sayin it sm laast night bby im not v ok

1:53am nov18th
lookin to the sky, send a kiss to the moon
standin there as i cry,, thinkin abt their room
i wna b there, im tryna b there soon
idk how u think ur so forgetable
tht shit aint acceptble
u been on my mind constant, ur exceptional

im filled wit darkness n cnt take care of myself
i cnt go on my phone yet i ignored eveyrone n evrythin :( im so scared im stayin up all night i took more vyvance n ate my last bit of shroom dust so i can try n take care of u frm here n send u the things u need rn im tryin so hard i actually realized im not a good typer either idk how to barely express all the things i think n feel, i love you fully n completely,,, this wasn't me giving up on u this was me givin up on myself. im so sorry babie, im nothin ur a sweet lil angel... 💔

2:12am i've been dreamin' of this shit for a while now
got me high now
she don't love me, but she's singin' my songs (oh no)
i don't feel much pain
got a knife in my back and a bullet in my brain
i'm clinically insane
walkin' home alone I see faces in the rain
where did all the time go?

im so sorry im not gna leave this site tn/today til i kno ur ok, if im not there at first wait i jus went outside 4 a ciggie. i will stay as long as u wnt bby boi. im so fucked up i feel like everythin im typin is fuckin weird :( im sorry im jus a fuck up who rlly does love u,,, the day i thought u were mad at me n got mad i got drunk asf l8er n started gettin angry thinkin u had too much control ovr me, it jus kept spiraling bc so many bad things were happening n not only did i not wna stress u out i strted to beceom imensely embarressed for what i had done in the first place n then my brain spiralled to the darkness n i started to h8 myself more than evr before n then i had to stay high or drunk to block u out n the guilt n the sadness of what im doin to u,,, i been worried sick thats why i tried to tell the moon 2 send u to my syte 💔 i cnt face my phone n all thats watin 4 me yet... n i feel shame n guilt for that as well... i promise i will stay here all mornin wit u im not sleepin.. (now its 4:24)

these eyes have seen the strangest things
passin' by, no-one noticed my angel wings
gettin' high 'cause my life don't mean shit to me
ask me why, i might sing you a symphony
these eyes have seen the strangest things
passin' by, no-one noticed my angel wings
gettin' high 'cause my life don't mean shit to me
ask me why, i might sing you a symphony

i could do anything i want to
bump LiL PEEP
when i die ima haunt you
i could live forever if i want to
i could stop time
but i never wanna do that again
nothing worse than losing a friend
and the feeling you get
when everybody that you love ain't around
i really gotta get away from this town
im just waiting for a wave and i'll drown
satan letting me down
i just wanna help you see
you should run away from me
baby i'm a drug
and i don't wanna hurt you
no i'm not gonna hurt you boi
not at all
i ain't gonna set you free
all you're gonna get from me
little bit a love and a little virtue
if i hurt you, i'll end it all

won't you pick me up???????
i'm talkin' 'bout my old girl
when I call, she don't pick it up
my head hurt from the drugs
it's somethin' in the bud, boi, i need a new plug
i feel it in my veins

i can give you everything, ayy
blood on the wedding ring, damn
i can make him levitate, ayy
i can make him medicate
look in my eyes, i'm right by your side
edge of the knife, and i wanna end my life

feelin like a mind reader, you ain't gotta speak much
i already worked out your loud intentions


1997 ~ the unforgiving future