date : august 15th , 2018 // time 2:16am
this page has been an absolute nightmare , i keep fucking things up because i dont entirely understand what im doing . funhouse is started and on its way to becoming what it was meant to become . i have some ideas on writing articles about rlly good movies or my favourite artists , also an idea to maybe write articles on up-and-coming local artists . stay tuned .

date : august 9th , 2018 // time : 2:05 am
everything so far is spanning out nicely . im really liking how everything is turning out and the fact people actually like what i doing makes it all the better .

date : july 30th , 2018 // time : 6:51 pm
i've been working hard to accomplish the style portion of this web sYte , but asyou can tell i still have some work to do . im learning html as fast as i can , i shud've stuck wit it instead of coming back to it at 21 years old . . not to worry , i believe my passion is what will take me the furthest with this project. i have very few passions in life , but two of them are to create and to inspire/touch lives of others . i could go on about my sappy weird ass self for ever but i dont think any of you would really care . anyway there is much much more to come , so stay tuned if you want . honestly this site has only been up 15 days and is filled with potential ,, at least in my demented mind .

date : july 16 , 2018 // time : couple billion o'clock
as a kid i always had websites and accounts on all the social media sites i could find , when most of the free personal websyte makers went under tumblr wasmy safe haven , but as always i got bored because everything that i wanted to doto my sytes and create for them was unattainable until i found neocities . my goal for the syte is to relieve all of my built up rage for the modern inter web, nd bring back the fun and mystery of what i used to surf as a child . i was born in 1997 and have had a very strong relationship with technology from the brisk age of 2 years old (no joke i swear ive been on a pc playing diablo 1 since 1999 xD) . especially with all the unsupervised computer time at my grandmothers , ive seen the craftsmanship the inter web used to contain . let's all stand together to bring it back .

yungslimey ~ 1997 - the unforgiving future