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the real priest of the underworld lives on forever

i have a 88x31 now !! link me if you want .

I find myself bored and unsatisfied playing any games past the era of ps3. Is it just me or are graphics getting better, but gameplay just keep getting shittier. I sit back as the world around me changes so drastically you can no longer recognize it, and the only thing i find solace in is the past, and the pasts videogames. The thing about life is it's alwyas changing, and I hate change but no matter how hard i try to stay put or bring myself backwards the faster the time goes by, never stopping. Never giving me just one minute to my myself, no pause, just constant days passing by and i can't do anything to stop it.

The only things that stay the same are my videogames and pictures.

Life goes by so fast. There is no time. So I waste my time.