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i have a 88x31 now !! link me if you want .

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welComE to the leAst interEstinG weB syTe you've beeN on for aWhilE . you will probably not enJoy youR time herE but thaT isn't my fauLt . i meAn theRe migHt be somethinG neaT lurking wiThin this sYte , you'Ll hav/e to finD out For yours3lf . remeMber you are vIsitiNg at your oWn riSk .

mE l iKe /y

~laughin at my own jokes~

~writing lyrics abt life~

~playing ps2 or n64~

~livin a sinful life~

listen to my rlly shitty music ! e Mo tEA rS.

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1997 ~ the unforgiving future