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Autism is a lifelong developmental condition that effects the way a person communicates, expresses emotion, relates to others and the overall way they experience the world around them.
Austim is not a learning dissability, although someone with Autism may have a learning dissability, autisitic people have a wide range of IQ from above averge to below, just like non-autistic people. Although in earlier years autsitic people were thought to have little to no verbal communication, we have been finding that the perecent of autistic adults who speak little to none is closer to 25%. A common misconseption with non-verbal autistics is that they do not understand the world around them and they cannot communicate, contrary to this belief all non-verbal autistics communicate, just not the way someone without Autism would. They may use noises, sign language, pointing, physical movements or now with technological advances many use tablets, computers and or phones to communicate through text or pictures. There have been non-verbal autistics who have written/co-written books, can hold a job, are artists or even live somewhat independently.

Commonly Sensory Processing Disorder goes hand in hand in hand with Autism, but some autsitic people DO NOT have it, as well as some non-austistic people DO have it. Even though Sensory Processing Disorder does not affect every autistic person, I still think it is important to go over such material because many austistic people are affected by it.