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✯ aRe YoU rEaDy To EmBaRk On An AdVeNtUrE tHaT wIlL lEaVe YoU qUeStIoNiNg EvErYtHiNg YoU kNoW tO bE tRuE? ✯

what if everything you knew to be true , was completely false?

whats if even your eyes have decieved you in the past , and what you know to be real , may not be so real?

would your world come tumbling down ? would you feel no sense of security ?

prepare to be taken to a dimension where everything we were taught to be true , is not .. wheretime doesn't exsist nd you an fully grasp the concepts i am about to throw at you ..

hello and welcome , just one more step before we begin your journey ..

i am the

whatever i show you is the truth behind every question you have every asked yourself. you are falling, falling down the rabbit hole. far away from everyone and everything. the further you fall the less you remember. how did you get to this point? when did you become so caught up in the lies around you that you are no longer true to yourself? how long have you been falling for now? it feels like minutes and hours at the same time. you cannot hear a thing. you cannot see a thing. all you can feel is that sinking feeling in your stomach that tells your brain that you are still falling. so far. away. from. reality.

you are now entering the

life here is simplier, things make sense here. anything that makes sense to you, will now make sense to everybody else here. in the dream world our thoughts and conciousness are one. whetever you think, they think. whatever you feel, they feel. everything is connected, you just didn't feel it until now. the wrold is changing for the better, more people everyday are hopping on the conspiracy theroies we have always said that are true, now they believe them too since the bigger conspiracy theories became "mainstream" for the lack of a better word. although these are people who need to be told what to think, at least they are finally on the right path. but you, you have been on the right path all along. your constant questioning to the world around you is what make's you a free person. freed from the shackles of a reality they want you to believe, but you are strong minded and you don't need to be told what to think to fomr an opinion. you are different, you do your research on both sides and make your own conclusions, which usually are somehwere in the middle/grey area.

morals are good, right? i mean, i tend to lean towards them being good for mankind. but what real good does it do anyway? stop people who would potentially harm others? it's not like sane people ever get a thought in their head like "wow i really wanna rape somebody today," and then go "oh shit, it's against my morals, i best not do that." no. only people with more bad than good do those bad things, usually. the majority of sane people don't do bad things not only because they were told those things are bad, but because these people have more good than bad within in them and it never crosses their mind to do such horrendous acts to another human being.

the video with jim carey reminds me of a video of michael jackson telling a crowd of people that they are being lied to by all their "supierors" and that there are lies in our history textbooks, because we only believe what they want us too. they dsicredit these people so quickly, for michael is was allegations of pedophilia even though there has never been any proof and everyone who was ever good friends with michael and not using him to push their own career has never seen anything innapropriate. it was easy to do that to michael, a boy who had been severley mentally and physcially abused by his father for many years, a boy who was forced by his parents to go on hormone blockers when he first started puberty so his voice wouldn't change, a black man who had a disease that is actually not as rare as you think, so it wasn't hard to say michael hates being black, michael likes kids because what grown adult likes to play with toys and has an amusement park in his backyard, many adults who were abused as children love toys and kids, and they want to befriend and protect these kids, especially in hollyweird.
they are now trying to discredit anything jim carey says, because he is "crazy", well jokes on them us "crazies" are probably the most sane people in the world. fakes/poseurs will never understand, because they don't even understand themselves, so how could they understand anything else. they want us to be blind from the bigger picture. a smart mind is dangerous, especially if you have any influence on others, they will take you down no matter what. why do you think dave chappel has barely done anything in showbiz fro years, he needed a break from being a part of something he never wanted to be a part of.

we need to be distracted by these types of things so we don't spend too much brain energy on realizing the truths around us.
tv wasn't enough, internet wasn't enough, because people gathered on the inter webs to talk about all sorts of things, alternate realities and conspiracies ect. forums got deleted, youtube videos i wanted to put here for months have been deleted by youtube... why is the internet surpressing these sorts of things ,, if they aren't true? who cares if people are willfully ignorant, isn't that what they want? the biggest proof that these things are true is that youtube is tearing these down, left and right. i was lucky enough to be following enough people that a couple things got re-uploaded.... for the time being at least.

i know the internet thinks this is some kind of right wing conspiracy, or at least that's what the media and jimmy kimmel said, but i don't see how? i'm probably about furthest i could be from right winged, and this is a lot of interesting information. i'm not saying it is all 100% for fact, all i am saying is it's a lot of weird, disturbing coincidences. watch at your own risk....

TRIGGER WARNING : pedophilia mentions, child abuse mentions.

this shit is really weird too. i mean we already know youtube surpresses/demonitizes black creators along with lgbt creators, but will along jake paul and countless other adults to make content with the promise of sexuality for literal children. not only that, youtube also leaves these weird videos up and takes down conspiracy videos... why?

TRIGGER WARNING : pedophilia mentions, child abuse mentions.


1997 - the unforgiving future