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✯ aRe YoU rEaDy To EmBaRk On An AdVeNtUrE tHaT wIlL lEaVe YoU qUeStIoNiNg EvErYtHiNg YoU kNoW tO bE tRuE? ✯

what if everything you knew to be true , was completely false?

whats if even your eyes have decieved you in the past , and what you know to be real , may not be so real?

would your world come tumbling down ? would you feel no sense of security ?

prepare to be taken to a dimension where everything we were taught to be true , is not .. wheretime doesn't exsist nd you an fully grasp the concepts i am about to throw at you ..

hello and welcome , just one more step before we begin your journey ..

i am the

whatever i show you is the truth behind every question you have every asked yourself. you are falling, falling down the rabbit hole. far away from everyone and everything. the further you fall the less you remember. how did you get to this point? when did you become so caught up in the lies around you that you are no longer true to yourself? how long have you been falling for now? it feels like minutes and hours at the same time. you cannot hear a thing. you cannot see a thing. all you can feel is that sinking feeling in your stomach that tells your brain that you are still falling. so far. away. from. reality.

you are now entering the


1997 - the unforgiving future