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the real priest of the underworld lives on forever

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wElcoMe to the mOtheR fuCKin FUNhouSE

you are now entering the most cruel corner of the inter web , please consider the following :

1 . you are dreaming right now
2 . who you see in the maze of mirrors may or may not be what you look like ( who you are )
3 . you fears may appear larger while visitin the coziest crevis of satan's setup
4 . the screen infront of your eyes is justa figment of your imagination , what you are reading right now is only what your brain is conjuring up .
5 . what lies intertwined in these archaic inter web pages of ( what we come to know as ) symbols and letters , may make you question the person you knew yourself to be .
6 . beware the devil lurks
6 . beware the devil lurks
6 . beware the devil lurks

there is no going back you have now entered the " crevis " , a contagious virus is going around . the harder you try to fight it the faster it seeps in directing throug your brain .
it is a sickness .
a disasterous disease . it will tear you apart . everything you know to be reality will shift . you are not where you are meant to be .

the fun house will show you that whats lurkin is you

and after reading that sentence you already know if you are the one lurkin or not . if you ain't a lurker you will be subject to things beyond your capibility of understanding .
if you are not a lurker and you need to leave , please click here

"she said im in danger , woah
i dont see no danger hoe
im da one that's creepin hoe , oh"
LiL PEEP - beat it

? are you ready to take a trip into your own mind ?



seriously , join the rebllion now . unless of course you are too square , i bet you are . i bet you are so square if you applied to join the cult you wouldn't be allowed to join . hope you don't show me otherwise and tell me all about how cool you are and how sick your web sYte is ... click here cunt .
im rude to my friends , you will either get used to it or hate me forever . it's your choice whatever you choose i will support until you die . sorry got a bit morbid there , death must be sneakin around tonite , i can sense him .

these cuties are jus watchin , totally not recording your every thought nd fear to date


what was your biggest fear as a child ? :

i will read any , and all , i may even reply , so make sure it's worth reading . i don't want to waste another second of my life after all the time i've wasted dyin . every breath i breathe takes me one step closer so i dont want the things you send me to do the same . im mostly joking i swear to fuck i'll read any shit anyone has to say . tell me things before it ends . you never know , it could be your last chance to communicate wit me .
you don't know me though , so why should you care ?

it's funny some of us think we know people so well but we can come to find we knew little to nothing about them , and or they knew little to nothing about you . or did they ? all we can know is what we think or are told / taught , your thoughts mixed with what you are told by them and others ... no physical personality you can inspect , just peices of the puzzle being thrown at you one by one , and people are jigsaw puzzles . having a handful of peices of that person , doesn't show you them as a whole . and people are like art / music in the sense that you need to take it all in to fully comprehend how you are supposed to see it . because everyone will always percieve things differently , but it's good to really analyze and make sure the real devil isnt you . look at me ramble on as i shud really be building my site and making sure all my peices match . im jus like you ,
i wanna be understood too.


what lies in the deepest corner of your brain ? :

does anyone know your inner most deepest and darkest parts of your soul?

do you think it's wrong to not believe in wrong or right?
not meaning i do not have a basic set of "good" morals, but just that the line between certain actions is becoming so blurred for me. i started to see everyone as bad and good at the same time. or did i just want everyone to be like me?
i am one of the worst human beings on this earth.. maybe not by certain standards because i haven't committed horrible crimes.. but i have hurt so many people. and i keep hurting them. there is no way to stop it but try and distance myself like i always do, but i can't this time. i have to face my actions head on and correct them. maybe i won't do a perfect job because i don't know how to right my wrongs, but i have to try. it's not good for me to sit here in guilt of everything i have ever done, and have everything bad that has ever been said to me by meaningful people stuck inside my brain.
click here to get a glimpse of the other side...
this page will probably constantly be " in construction " so i feel this little bit has purpose :


do you yourself as evil or good , and why ?:

if someone who only does good, because that's what they should do rather than what they want to do, how to you catagorize that human? what exclusively makes someone good? is it their good deeds? is it their friendly demeanor? is it how considerate they are to the ones around them?
i don't think it's any of that. i think when someone is good, you can sense it, you can feel it radiate against you. no matter what they have done (certain things exluded in most cases)
hang around for a while buddy

1997 ~ the unforgiving future