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as you squint your eyes harder, you see it... the posuers. they are everywhere, they have infiltrated our safe spaces. these youngin's, calling themselves "E-boys and E-girls"... they don't understand they really just look like wannabe emo/goth kids. when i was younger emo/goth kids were made the butt of every joke, self harm jokes were the norm, kids who liked anime were the butt of every joke, but now that some "conventionally attractive" 17 year olds are "E-boys and E-girls", now it's cool? if this was 2012 every single "E-boy and E-girl" would be those kids who wore supreme and obey, sporting bass pro shops hats and listening to carley ray jepson.
reminds me of when i was younger and nobody my age liked the fresh prince of bel air, i got clowned on for watching such an "old" show, fastfoward a couple years, the 90's are in and everyone is sporting snap bacls with the flipped up bill and talking about how sick the fresh prince is.
such hive mind mentality, as soon as something becomes "popular" these brainless idiots hop on it like their life depends on it.
i used to get clowned on for listing to screamo/post hardcore/messy vocals. got clowned on when i first started listening to lil peep, then as soon as peep dies the same people hop on him. obviously these types of people have no sense of self. how can you go from hating something to loving it in a matter of months?
everything i have ever liked, i still do, and everything i have ever disliked, i still do. i have never changed, but for some reason no matter what trends were popular i have never been, and i never will be. i have come to accept it, i am a loser, i like loser music, i wear loser clothes and shoes... you aren't a loser, you've never been one, you've never been a freak, an outcast, a weirdo, so why are you all pretending you're so complex and eccentric, when deep down you know the truth. you're a prep, a square, the popular kid in high school, you are normal, average... stay away from my loser shit, punk.