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real gamers only

the real priest of the underworld lives on forever

i have a 88x31 now !! link me if you want .

you have made the choice to enter and there is no turning back , you must read on , you must figure out the meaning of all this .. it couldn't be any clearer . are you a loner ? are you too sensitive ? are you too intense ? do you like drugs ? do people underestimate you? do you find yourself not trusting your own hands ? do you know who you are ?
if you find yourself saying yes to each statement , you have a chance to join the pristegious group of nobodies of the inter web .

to be apart of this club (cult) you MUST :

1. believe all humans are equal , nd all deserve respect and compassion unless they are unable to reciprocate
2. believe we may be aliens or descendants of such
3. the movie natural born killers is our bible ( if you ar unfamiliar , start watching )
4. have at least one irrational fear/feeling/thought
5. have at least one alter ego type thing ( a fursona would count )
6. believe you yourself are at least somewhat philosophical
7. be open to discuss weird and abstract concepts
8. be able to stand up when you see injustice brought upon your fellow humans
9. feel that you are simultainously better and worse than all others
10. be able to see the "grey area" of all situations and theories
11. play or have played runescape
12. be familiar with grand theft auto : san andreas
13. be a loner type

if you think you have what it takes, you may join me on my conquest.


1997 ~ the unforgiving future